Dothan Set to Honor Veterans Saturday

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It all started in 1992 when Morrill Worcester had a simple wreath company in Maine. That same year he had a surplus of wreaths and decided to do something to remember Veterans.

"One of the things that I saw was Arlington National Cemetary and I just never forgot that. Then when I had those wreaths left over, I said it would be nice if I could place them on the graves of the Veterans," says Worcester.

A simple act of kindness that had humble beginnings.

"The first fourteen years, nobody really knew about it and it was a family gift to the military that I said you know, we'll always do that...and we always have," he adds.

But now it's not just Worcester who remembers Veterans this way. Today some 842 miles away from Arlington, over 500 wreaths made their way into the Circle City ahead of Saturday's event.

"It's very special for me to come out here and umm..."

Judith Reynolds fought back tears today as the wreaths arrived. Her father and her son, both Veterans, are buried at Sunset Memorial Park and for her, everyday is a struggle.

"There's no words that can describe that at all...I don't wish that for anybody. You find a place in your heart for it, but then there's day where you can't seem to find that place in your heart to put comes back like it was yesterday," says Reynolds.

Those feelings will return again on Saturday as Reynolds and others honor those who've made the ultimate sacrifice.

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