Dothan Sees Increase in Lodging Fees

Microtell Hotel in Cherokee, NC where Derek Joseph Leuking was last seen.
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The numbers are in, and it looks like Dothan had one of its best lodging tax collections in 30-months.
Officials say that’s because this year, there were a lot of events that brought in visitors from out of town.
In fact, since December, city officials say they've continued to see lodging revenues rise.
Officials say sometimes hotels may report collections late, and the numbers roll over into the next month, causing one month to look better than others.

"The large increase in lodging tax reported just now is probably a function of some late reporting that went on in February and also another 14 percent up so therefore the 30 percent lodging tax increase reported for the month of March." Convention and Visitor Bureau Director Bob Hendrix said.

Regardless of if the reports are from previous months, Henrix says the news is still good news.

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