Dothan Seeks to Attract Chinese Investment

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DOTHAN, Ala. (AP) -- The city of Dothan is looking to attract investment from Chinese firms, including by hosting a large symposium this fall.

City officials have announced a combined meeting of the Asian Manufacturing Association's annual conference and a local Alabama-China Partnership Symposium on Nov. 10 - 12.

Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz announced the meeting Friday with Jun Luo, the CEO of the Asian Manufacturing Association. His firm manufactures radiators and other automotive parts for Volkswagen.

The CEO of the SoZo Group, Raymond Cheng, said Dothan offers a combination of rural and urban land. He noted that Chinese executives have been pleased with the location of Golden Dragon
Precise Copper Tubing in Wilcox County in rural West Alabama.

Reports say the firm is expected to employ five hundred or more workers.

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