Dothan Rescue Mission Helps Homeless Population

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The Dothan Rescue Mission takes pride in helping people who may not be in a position to help themselves.

"We provide shelter for those who need it, the homeless and those who just found themselves on hard times our first goal is giving them shelter and then educating those that maybe need job skills and learning to read and focus on their GED," said Brad Hardy, executive director of the Dothan Rescue Mission.

Hardy explains that it doesn't matter what circumstances led them to the mission.

"There are a lot of reasons that cause homelessness, there is addiction there is just people down on their luck but whatever the case we want to give them a opportunity for a second chance we don't want to leave them down there at the bottom we care about the individual," said Hardy.

"At the Dothan Rescue Mission we try to help people help themselves and help them get back into society and if I can have something to do with helping them if it's just feeding them or having them help me to do a little something and give back," said Sammy Hallmark, kitchen Manager at the Dothan Rescue Mission.

And feeding them is not the only thing Hallmark does, he has bonded with some as well.

"I don't get to know them all but there are some that I get to know and they grow on my heart and I'm glad that I was to see them grow," said Hallmark.

Growth that organizers hope keeps them from the mission.

"I'm glad they came back to visit for chapel and they aren't here to stay," said Hardy.

The Dothan Rescue Mission has three shelters, one for women, men and families.

A linens drive is underway to help the rescue mission.

WTVY station is one of eight collection points.

What's needed are wash cloths, towels, twin sheets and blankets.

You can drop off supplies in our front lobby.