Dothan Police Remind Residents to Protect Themselves Against Theft

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The Dothan Police Department would like to remind everyone of the importance of securing their automobiles when at home, work or on vacation.

Authorities say that within the past week, there have been an increase in motor vehicles being broken into during the evening hours. Most of these incidents have occurred in residential neighborhoods with the suspect entering the vehicle through an unlocked door.

Authorities want residents to know that a criminal will always question their actions if the difficulty of the crime is more than what they want to deal with. When a vehicle is left unlocked, it becomes easy for a criminal to rummage through the automobile and get out in seconds. Most of the time, a victim will not know they’ve become just that, until it’s too late.

Some small steps can be taken to insure your vehicle and property’s security:

1. Manually lock your doors - Pressing down on your door lock switch and visually seeing the locking mechanism engaged will ensure you see the same thing a “would be criminal” will see - a locked door.
2. Check your doors once they’re closed - Having remote car switches are great, but when we become pre-occupied, remembering to press the button and/or make sure it’s worked can be the difference in you coming out later and finding everything the same way you left it or seeing your doors open and your favorite sunglasses, wallet or firearm now gone.

Dothan Police say that while these steps may not deter a criminal from damaging your vehicle to get what they want, it will raise the possibility of you not becoming a victim by making it harder for them to commit the crime.

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