Dothan Police Remind Pet Owners of Necessary Vaccines

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The Dothan Police Department’s Animal Shelter would like to remind residents in the Wiregrass with pets that with the arrival of Spring and Summer comes the arrival of kittens, puppies and the Parvovirus.

Pets need to get their springtime immunizations, and not just your State-required rabies vaccinations.

This year, the Wiregrass area has seen an increase in the potentially fatal and highly contagious Parvovirus that can be contracted in dogs, usually through feces.

Once you’ve had a dog with “Parvo”, the virus can actually live in your yard for years to come. It doesn’t take long for the virus to spread through a litter of puppies and if left untreated, can surely be fatal.

The disease is usually seen in puppies, however, the Animal Shelter is seeing cases come in from the community in adult dogs as well. Signs and symptoms can vary, but if your dog becomes listless, has bloody diarrhea or stops eating, call your Veterinarian right away.

You can help stop the spread by making that appointment to get your pet’s immunizations up to date or check to see if your pet might need a booster.

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