Dothan Police Make Break-In Arrests

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On December 4, 2012 the Dothan Police Department made two multiple count felony arrests regarding unlawful breaking and entering of vehicles and one burglary in the wiregrass area.

Investigators say Travis Holmes and Alexander Adkins were identified and arrested as the perpetrators in multiple vehicle break-ins which occurred that day. While on routine patrol, officers responded to a residence on Stonewood Drive after a residential alarm was activated.

The officers arrived quickly on scene and began a detailed inspection of the doors and windows of the home. One of the officers on scene noticed a gate at the rear of the residence which appeared to have been opened and following the area accessed by the gate to a storage shed. Officers entered the shed and found Adkins and Holmes hiding at which time they were detained pending a further investigation.

Investigators were called out and began processing property found with the suspects. While processing, investigators realized multiple crimes were likely committed affecting multiple victims at which time they began the diligent task of conducting interviews and working through evidence and reports in an effort to fully prosecute all crimes for which Adkins and Holmes were responsible.

Having now completed the investigation, police have charged each suspect with nine counts of unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle and one count of burglary for crimes which occurred at separate locations on Stonewood Drive and Woodcreek Drive.

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