Dothan Police Get New Mobile Command Vehicle

Dothan, AL - The Dothan Police Department has a new tool to fight crime.

A new mobile command vehicle was purchased and remodeled over the past few months.

It has already been used as the command post at the National Peanut Festival. The vehicle can also be used during incidents like a mass shooting or hostage situation.

It's equipped with state of the art communications equipment including radios, computers, cameras, and televisions.

"As you saw with Midland City it took a while to get a fixed structure and to get everything ready. This is something ready immediately. All it has to do is roll up on the scene and it's ready to go," said Dothan Police Chief Greg Benton.

The vehicle didn't cost tax payers a dime.

Seizure funds were used to purchase the vehicle for $50,000. Then, it cost $4,000 in materials to refurbish it for police use. All of the work was done within the department.

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