Dothan Police Department Wrecker Rotation Meeting

These guys are stepping out of the tow trucks, and into the patrol room at the Dothan Police Department.

They're looking ahead to next year's wrecker rotation list.

“What we do is we assess how things went the previous year, cover any adjustments or changes that we're going to make,” Lieutenant Todd David.

Each year the department and wreckers meet to set a schedule.

That way officers know which company they can call at any given time.

“As soon as they have an accident, they request a rotation wrecker, they notify us by the dispatcher and we get out and clean it up,” said Knight Trucker Service, Dewayne Knight.

It's a job that can be dangerous.

“There's probably about ten to twenty wrecker drivers killed in the states when they're picking up a wreck or servicing a call so it's a dangerous place to be,” said Haynes Auto Restoration, Henry Hanes.

Wreckers say they get more calls during the holiday season.

Despite the risks, wreckers say their job can be rewarding.

There are 26 companies on the 2014 rotation schedule.

Lieutenant David says in the event of an accident, knowing who to call is important.

He says all of the companies on next year's schedule are trust-worthy.