Dothan Police Department Sees String of Robberies

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The Spirit gas station on West Main Street in Dothan was robbed last night.

The suspect description in that robbery is similar to those from the other robberies.

However investigators aren't sure if they're related.

"It is a little bit different than we're used to. Most times whenever you have crimes like this they come during holiday seasons. So to see as many as we're seeing now, is a bit of a surprise," Sgt. Maurice Eggleston with the Dothan Police Department said.

Police say clerks who work late at night are the typical target.
If confronted by a robber, police say to comply with their demands.

"We can replace money. Give them what you got and become the ultimate witness. If there's anything you can remember upon them coming in, a lot of times they'll tell you don't look at me or something like that. But you'll get an idea of who it is when they come in," Eggleston said.

For customers police say don't intervene, just observe.

"These days we see so many different things, when you look at some of these video websites where people are posting videos of dramatic moments on a regular basis. If you're there and you happen to see it, we're not saying stand up in front of them and go ah I’ve got you on camera. If you can notice someone running across the street or if you have time go ahead and help that individual out because you never know when it's going to be you that'll need that assistance," Eggleston said.

Police have a message for would-be robbers - "Not every store is going to have that individual that's going to be afraid of you. The last thing you want is to end your life over a couple of dollars. So it goes both ways. The same way that clerk at that store is afraid, that fear can turn into anger. That anger can lead to something else. It may cost you your life, your freedom so take those things into consideration," Eggleston said.

Dothan police officers routinely check on late-night gas station attendants.

"We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we don't ever close so there's nothing you can call us about and say this is looking like something that's going on and we can't come and check on. It's the old saying, we'd rather be safe than sorry," Eggleston said.

The best way to report suspicious activity is by calling the police department, that number is 615-3000.
If you want to help anonymously you can call the Crime stoppers tip line at 793-7000.