Dothan Police Department Hosts 18th Annual K-9 Seminar

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"Max and I have been together for four years," Ozark Police Department Corporal Clinton Buggs said.

Corporal Buggs is talking about his 4 legged partner.

"Max is six years old. He is a black Labrador," Buggs said.

Buggs says he knows his partner best.

"He has a very well trained personality. He gets along well with children, he gets along with others," Buggs said.

Max tracks lost children, Alzheimer’s patients and can sniff out narcotics.

The team spent the day at Dothan High School for the Dothan Police Department's 18th Annual Police K-9 Seminar.

"We're getting ready to do some narcotics training right now. We have some narcotics that are planted and he's going to search around the school for them," Buggs said.

The Dothan Police Department brings in K-9 teams from the southeast for the seminar.

They assist the handlers with training, problem solving and are certified.

"It's not so much retraining as it is maintenance training. We want them to continue to get better. So seminars like this give those handlers and the dogs the opportunity to improve and make themselves better," Dothan Police Department Corporal William Wozniak said.

They provide patrol or apprehension work training, as well as narcotics and explosion detection for the dogs.

"It's good for us; it gives us an opportunity to network with outside agencies. Pass on training techniques and discuss issues and problem solving," Wozniak said.

They also discuss the close bond between officer and K-9.

"Most of these guys will tell you, these dogs are a part of their family," Wozniak said.

"My dog is very special to me, this is my partner, he goes to work with me in the morning and he leaves to go home with me at night," Buggs said.

Friday night, Max and Buggs will be back at work fighting crime and helping the community.

Dothan’s K-9 Unit has ten dogs; all were at the weeklong seminar.