Dothan Police Department Announces Citizen Academy

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Dothan residents interested in the law are now being given a chance to experience it first hand.

The Dothan Police Citizen Academy will begin on May 7. The four week program is intended to provide citizens with a view of the city through the eyes of a police officer. Participants will be exposed to the challenges and pressures faced by a Police Officer during a normal duty day.

According to a press release from the Dothan Police Academy, the main object of the academy is to assist citizens in understanding the role of law enforcement in the community, the training that officers must complete and stresses that crime and public safety place on the City of Dothan.

Training includes an eight-hour program broken down into four; two hour sessions that will include safety and academic training similar to training police officers are required to have.

The terminal objective of the training is to enhance the safety of the observer and give the observer enough knowledge to understand an officer’s actions during a duty day.

In addition to the training, participants are encouraged to complete a ride-a-long session of four hours with a patrol officer. The observer may want to spend time in the Communications Center instead of riding.

To register for this class the Dothan Police Department needs some information for a basic background check. Your name will be added to the roster and upon completion of the background you will receive notification of your acceptance.

Information needed for enrollment includes full name, address, phone number, date of birth, social security number and email address. This information will be used to determine eligibility for acceptance to this program it will not be released outside the Police Department.

All questions concerning the program should be directed to the Training Division: or by calling (334) 615-3631.

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