Dothan Pipe Damage Numbers Sky-Rocket

This is typically what we're finding due to the cold weather.

Heath Odom’s is a part owner of Odom’s Plumbing and Electric.

Over the past few days his company has been getting numerous calls due to pipe damage.

I mean it's been crazy the last couple of days.

Leading to a lot of Wiregrass residents without water for a few hours and some, even a day or two.

The wind chill was so severe that it caused pipes to bust all around town causing an overflow of calls for plumbers like Odom’s plumbing and electric."

"Here’s someone texting me another one."

"This doesn’t happen every day and we're just trying to keep all of our customer's happy. and do the best we can," said Heath Odoms.

Odom's wasn't the only plumber whose phone kept ringing off the hook,
He didn't expect the weather to cause this much of a problem for Dothan residents.

"Between Monday morning starting at about 6am till now, I’ve actually lost count but I’m guessing 55 to 70 we've had in 48 hours."

Local businesses, houses and mobile homes have all been affected.

Handling the leaks one by one, plumbers are bracing themselves for a busy week with the of rising temperatures for thawing.

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