UPDATE: Dothan Pharmacy Damaged in Apparent Burglary

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UPDATE: 2:50

Investigators are keeping the details of this burglary under wraps until they can find those responsible, but we do know prescription pills were stolen and that the building is now in need of repair.

Employees found a chunk missing from the back wall when they showed up to work this morning.

There were holes where police say the burglars punched through the wall after they tore the siding from the building.

They punched holes in places where filing cabinets lined the wall but those responsible finally hit an open area and got into the pharmacy.

We're told the suspects tore computers out and threw them on the floor.

Police say those responsible made off with a small amount of prescription pills.

Workers quickly patched up the holes.

Pharmacists tell us that thefts like this one indicate a growing problem across the board.

They obviously were addicted to prescription medications. Those addictions have become an epidemic. As the regulation goes up, it's harder to get. Regulations' a good thing but the crime is a by-product, said Marvin Cook Jr.

The top priority for police is finding those involved and hopefully getting the prescription drugs off the street.

Scott-Cook Pharmacy damage

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