Dothan Mission House Receives Grant

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Homeless and low-income residents in Dothan have a place to go where they can be fed and feel safe. That's because of the hard work volunteers put in every day. Momma Tina's Mission House received a check for a grant on Wednesday.

The grant comes from Wal-Mart through a program called "Volunteering Always Pays." Employees log a set number of hours at organizations like Momma Tina's, and Wal-Mart will donate $250.00

A clerk who has been volunteering at Momma Tina's for two years says she was moved to help by the hunger she saw in Dothan.

"You see people that don't have... and it just eats at you," says Teresa Fields.

Eating may not be something many have to worry about, but many people in the area around Dothan feel hunger pangs on a daily basis.

"Momma" Tina Glascow says the causes of homelessness are often misinterpreted.

"People think that people are living in the street by choice, but a lot of its not by choice. Some people can handle loss better than others. They need help," she says.

Momma Tina's Mission House helps more than 200 hungry mouths to a free meal every day. The work couldn't be done without the help of those who freely give their time, planning meals, cooking, and serving those in need.

Clifford Herd, who says he has benefited from Momma Tina's, says volunteers are serving something that gives more sustenance than food.

"Everybody does not have people to show them love. It's good to have this. It means everything because the people in the community appreciate when they see someone being active."

Donations and grants, like the one Teresa Fields earned for the Mission House, allow for nonprofits to continue being active.

"Every little penny helps us help somebody else," says Glascow, "because we're the servants to pass it on."

The grant will go toward an angel tree event in December so that those who come to the Mission House can unwrap presents on Christmas.

Momma Tina's Mission House also offers GED classes, adult literacy and computer education.

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