Dothan Mayor Flies to D.C to Keep Airport Tower

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Dothan along with more than a hundred airports is on the list to have their towers shut down.
However, the Federal Aviation Administration is allowing these airports to prove their case for why they should stay open.

“We have an appeals process which they are allowing us to go through.” Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz said.

In fact today was the last day to submit an argument to the FAA, which the airport did yesterday.
But Dothan’s Mayor Mike Schmitz took it upon himself, to go even further, going to Washington D.C. to prove to congress that Dothan’s airport tower needs to stay open.

“We have an appeal based on national interest and because of Fort Rucker we believe we have a strong argument. In fact we think we have the best argument because of our military ties and flight safety, their ties to Fort Rucker.” Schmitz said.

The control towers on the FAA's list, will be shut down in early April.
But Schmitz and a lot of other residents hope that’s not the case in Dothan.

“I believe either way we have to keep it open and we are going to find a way to do that, so we believe this is the best way and if not we'll find a plan B.” Schmitz said.

The FAA will announce a final list of closing towers on March 18th.

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