Dothan Mayor Back from China and in High Spirits

Across the United States, people are still losing jobs, but Dothan Officials are trying to keep that from happening in the Wiregrass.

Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz returned home from his second trip to China on Tuesday morning. Despite the 13-hour time difference and jet lag, Mayor Schmitz was in great spirits. He says this trip allowed him to talk with Chinese companies for a second time, which is key to building strong relationships.

In ten days, more than 200 more companies signed up to visit Dothan this coming March, bringing the total to 400.

According to Schmitz, this visit allowed him to talk to bigger, higher quality companies, meaning better opportunities for the Circle City's workforce.

During the visit Schmitz talked to companies of all sizes from small entrepreneurs to companies with more than 175,000 employees. Including, big technology companies to a woman who wants to open tea houses across the US.

Although leaders rescheduled the major US-China symposium to March 26 through March 8, the delegation is still on for Nov. 11.

This is when leaders, sponsors, and economic developers will come together to talk about the plans in March.