Dothan Library Update

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If you've driven by the site for the new library in downtown Dothan, you probably noticed it looks much different than it did just days ago.
That's because construction for the building is happening quickly.

“The slab has been poured steel is rising. The steel work and masonry work will be completed by the end of next week and then we will start seeing roof trusses and that will really show visible progress.” Houston County Love Memorial Library director Betty Forbus said.

“It’s going great we are on our schedule construction wise, the weathers been generally cooperative and were on schedule.” Dothan-Houston County Library System Chairman Steve Roy said.

Forbus says it's been getting a lot of attention from the drivers.

“People ask everyday and people who say, doesn’t the noise bother you? I say no that is a sound of celebration to me because it means its finally happening so it’s been interesting and riveting because every day it looks different.” Forbus said.

She says the library at Westgate will also start looking differently.
Friday they started to pour the footing for the building.

“It is going very smoothly and on our anticipated time table, we're pleased with that.” Forbus said.

Forbus says Westgate got a later start because of pipe issues, but because the building is smaller, it may finish earlier than the one downtown.
And she says until both are finished, she will continue admiring the work that's getting done.

“This week it’s been like, i just want to look out the window because things are happening all day every day.” Forbus said.

Forbus says in February, workers will start putting in steel for the Westgate site.

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