Dothan Leisure Services Needs Volunteers

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Volunteering is a great way to keep yourself busy and can be very rewarding.
And Dothan Leisure Service members are looking for some volunteers for their upcoming Special Olympics.

“We need timers for the track events, we need timers for the wheelchair races. We need volunteers to help with the softball throw.” Dothan Leisure Service recreation manager Angie Lowe said.

The need is great...
Because special needs students from 23 schools from Houston Henry and Dale counties will be participating in all kinds of activities.

“All of those schools are training at school of course preparing for track and field events we have 50 meter and 100 meter dashes, 100 meter race walk, wheel chair activities that will take place, soft ball throw, standing long jump, and motor activities in the gym.” Lowe said.

Lowe says it will be a great place to see true sportsmanship at its best.

“Our special needs citizens deserve the same opportunities as their peers and this is kind of an event that lets all of them shine. It gives them their moment and glory.” Lowe said.

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