Dothan Landfill in Limbo

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Dothan, AL - It was an important day for the residents at the Dothan Zoning Meeting.

Tuesday, the $15 garbage fee to pay for landfill expansion was approved , and Wednesday the vote came down on rezoning for the expansion.

Community members from that area showed up at the meeting to discuss concerns about the rezoning, and it got heated.

Residents were mostly concerned with the dangers that come with the landfill.

One resident even said, "Instead of calling us the circle city, we will be called the dump city."

Folks were talking about issues with carcinogens that come from the runoff from the landfill and the health problems that come as a result.

"The fact is, it's past time for the city of Dothan to get out of the landfill business. Or as I like to put it in my own words, it's not this group here. Get the hell out of my neighborhood, I've had enough of it," said Bobby Lewis, Dothan.

When the time came for a motion, no one on the zoning board carried a motion in either direction. So as of now, this project is still in limbo, and it's back to the drawing board for the city.

News 4 is trying to speak with a city official to see what the next step is in this process.

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