Dothan Landfill Will Continue to Operate

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The Alabama Department of Environmental Management, ADEM, has renewed the solid waste disposal facility permit.

But residents say they don't want a landfill near them.

"It's a nuisance and I can't think of anyone who would welcome a landfill in their community and I was appalled by people saying the stench is not that great," said Earl Jones, Dothan resident.

The ADEM sent a letter to the city stating the landfill can continue to operate until 2018.
Residents say it's been operating long enough.

"I think 50 or 60 years in a small vicinity it needs to go somewhere else and I think its past time personally that we get out of the landfill business personally," said Bobby Lewis, Dothan resident.

Residents hope as the east side of town continues to grow, the landfill will not.

"I see Dothan is on the move and is developing and I predict an economy boom and an influx of citizens especially in the east size so I can't see at all a decision to expand where I see Dothan going at this particular time," said Jones.

Dothan City District One Commissioner Kevin Dorsey says residents are his top priority.

"My options would be whatever my citizens in the area over here in the Burkett subdivision basically I'm going to go along with my citizens I will fight for my citizens," said Dorsey.

A major concern residents have with expanding the landfill in their neighborhood is the water.
They say it is not clean.

Dothan City Manager Mike West says the Dothan City Commission will hold a public meeting within the next two weeks to discuss what happens once the landfill fills up.

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