Dothan Holds Remembrance Ceremony

Across the country, many paused to mark the eleventh anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

While some events were scaled back compared to years past, in Dothan the patriot guard riders wanted to ensure the Wiregrass never forgets.

Eleven years ago, on a Tuesday morning our country changed.

This Tuesday, we remember the nearly 3,000 lives lost in the September 11 attacks. .

Since then, many others have paid the ultimate sacrifice.
Ray Barfield's son Jason died in Afghanistan nearly one year ago in the war on terror.

He said, “Since our country was attacked and the war on terrorism began, we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, so many have lost their lives since then. So many have fallen trying to protect us.”

Dothan Fire Chief Larry Williams said during his speech, “Today is about also remembering. You're going to hear that. You're going to hear that for I hope the rest of your lives. Patriot day is about never forgetting.”

At the podium Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz added, “Today is a day to honor our first responders. They go out every day and make a commitment that most of us can't understand and there are many of you here.”

Dothan Police Chief Greg Benton said law enforcement has changed over the past decade.

“We devote a lot of time to our homeland security. Just the sharing of information by law enforcement agencies over the past ten years has grown by leaps and bounds,” said Benton.

“It's a time to remember. It's a time to remember not only all of those who sacrificed on September 11, eleven years ago. But also those who potentially sacrifice each and every day as they leave home and tell their loved ones goodbye,” said Dothan Fire Captain Chris Etheredge.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said, “It's also a day that we need to remember we've got to carry on into the future. This is a war that we'll be fighting until the end of time.\

Sheriff Hughes also said they rely heavily on the public a decade later.
He said you must be vigilant and alert authorities if you spot something that seems suspicious.

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