Dothan Gas Leak

Dothan, AL - A gas leak shut down parts of two Dothan roads Wednesday afternoon.

A gas odor was reported near the intersection of Burdeshaw Street and Burkett Road.

Hazmat and Dothan Utilities workers determined it was a buildup of methane gas in the sewer.

Because methane is lighter than air, the manhole covers were removed and the gas was allowed to naturally escape.

The main concern when methane builds up like that is a potential explosion.

“When you get to the upper levels of that the potential would be if there were an ignition source anywhere near it. Thankfully where this occurred it was an isolated area, two homes and two businesses, few ignition sources and you allow it to self-dissipate basically,” said Dothan Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Etheredge.

Luckily no residents were home during this time. It took about three and a half hours for the gas to clear.

Now they will try to determine if there is a problem causing the buildup, or if it's just naturally occurring because of weather conditions.

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