Dothan Gaming Store Planning Local Convention

Dothan gaming store Fanatix is planning a fan convention for November.
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A Dothan gaming store is raising money through the internet for a fan convention planned to take place in November.

The name of this convention is Fanaticon Alpha, named after Fanatix. Fanatix is a local gaming store located in Dothan.

On the Kickstarter for the convention, Phillip Chalker describes it as "Southeast Alabama's First Gaming and Multi-Genre Convention." It's planned for November 16th at the Clarion Inn and Suites Grand Ballroom.

Kickstarter is an online site used for raising money from donors for various events, causes and projects.

The site describes various events at the convention will include a costume/cosplay contest, an anime and My Little Pony panel, a Settlers of Catan Tournament, free board game tables and more.

Chalker's goal of $1,000 was reached in less than two hours and he has now raised more than $2,500 as of Thursday, September 26th, 2013.

For more information, we've provided links to the convention's Kickstarter page, web page and Facebook page in our links below.

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