Dothan Family gets Military Honors for Rare Commitment

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DOTHAN, AL--They say it takes a village to raise a child...but in this case the Kronberger's say it takes a family to protect a country.

"We raised them hoping they would have the responsibility that they would serve in the military," said Alisa Kronberger.

Darren Kronberger served in the Navy and now, "three of his four daughters have decided to become United States Marines," said Major Michael Hayes.

Military officials came down to Dothan to award the family for their rooted commitment.

"It really means a lot, I've teared up twice, said Alisa, It was very very special to us."

Major Michael Hayes says this is a rare occasion.

"While I do have some families that have brothers and sisters that chose to join together I don't have three sisters that have decided."

Chloe is now a Marine in Virginia where she's enrolled in small arms repair school.

Madison is in boot camp and training as a parachute rigger.

Alexis just received a scholarship. She plans to attend school in Colorado Springs and join the swim team.

"I got the naval ROTC scholarship, it's $180,000 scholarship that pays full tuition books and board for a four year university that has the ROTC program," said Alexis Kronberger.

With 5 kids and three already signed, mom and dad say, the other two have already expressed interest in the military as well.

"I didn't serve personally and that's something that we both kind of regret, said Alisa, and the fact that my girls are making up for it just kind of almost fixes that."

And if you're wondering if a decision like this will form an even tighter bond, "It's kind of hard to get closer than we are," said Alexis.

A closeness the family plans to keep forever.

The Kronberger's have 5 children, 4-girls and one boy.
Three of the daughters were adopted.
All 5 were home-schooled together.

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