Demand for Natural Gas Surges, Dothan to Open a Station

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A greener, safer environment is what many people aim for. Now, Dothan is one step closer to making one. The Hobo Pantry located on 735 Ross Clark Circle is adding a compressed natural gas station.

“It’s a prime location for us. We've got a lot of trucking companies and industrial companies close by that run large fleets,” said Dennis McKnight, Chief Operating Officer with Home Oil Company, Inc.

CNG can reduce the world’s carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent, and carbon monoxide emissions by 90 percent.

“Natural gas is the cleanest burning alternative fuel that there is,” said Bob Strickland, Marketing Director of Cynergy Fuels.

However, it can do more than help the environment. It can, also, help your wallet.

“Typically, it’s about a dollar and a half less per equivalent gallon than diesel fuel,” added Strickland.

One reason CNG is less expensive is because of drilling techniques.

“Now, with us being able to drill shell gas, we can reach so much farther to gather that natural gas so the abundance of natural gas is so much more than it was in the past,” said Kevin Murphy of the Southeast Alabama Gas District.

Construction will begin next year with the goal to open shop in summer 2014.

“They'll have a stopping point here on Ross Clark Circle, which of course, brings more tax dollars and more revenue into Dothan,” said Murphy.

Dothan will then be a city with the states’ largest environment-friendly gas station.

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