Dothan Company Already has Business Ties with China and Interesting Personal Ties

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Chinese business relations have already proven to be profitable for one Dothan business.

Covenant Steel provided more than 15,000 tons of steel for the construction of the Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group's building in Thomasville, Alabama.

"First and foremost we like to keep our guys here in Dothan busy and that job certainly provided plenty of work for our people in the plant. Outside of that, certainly we can use it as a showpiece to other businesses in china, in the United States, wherever and hopefully use that to land more projects," President Kelly Colbert said.

Covenant Steel designs metal buildings like the Golden Dragon Project.

"We probably worked over 21,000 man hours on that project. In our plant we have 65 employees, 18 upstairs in engineering and detailing, some sales guys and project managers," Colbert said.

Colbert says it's been a pleasure working with the Chinese.

"They did have a translator there and we were able to get through those issues. Perseverance and everybody trying to work for the common goal, it just worked out," Colbert said.

The project led to another contract with Hoar Construction's sister company, Hoar Program Management.

They will finish helping with the design and construction of the Airbus plant in Mobile.

Colbert says his relationship with China goes a bit deeper than business.

His family adopted a little girl from China, three year old Mary Alan.

"When we went to china to get our daughter Mary Alan, we had to go to that province where she was from to do the official adoption. That's when it hit me, that’s where Golden Dragon is. It's amazing what a small world our little girl is so close to golden dragon, it's just a god thing. When the golden dragon people came down to walk through my plant and make sure they were satisfied, we went to lunch and my wife brought Mary Alan and let them see her. They were taking pictures, they just loved her it was so sweet for them. They were talking to her and she understood what they were saying, she's certainly a blessing," Colbert said.