Dothan City Schools and Area Businesses Making a Connection

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Dothan City School officials want to increase the amount of opportunities for soon-to-be graduating high school students.

"We’re having a meeting with business and industry partners. We are calling it making the connection.” Dothan Technology Center Principal Terry Scott said.

The goal is to create more jobs for those students who may not want to attend a 4-year college.

“We're meeting with business and industry to start participating in our school, and what business and industry needs from us to help improve work force and work force development in our region.” Scott said.

And for many businesses, this means giving students hands-on experience.

“We're talking to businesses to see what they can offer to our kids as far as internships, externships, job shadowing opportunities, coming into our classrooms as guest speakers.” Scott said.

“As a business owner, I need people who come out of the city schools that have the skills that I need.” Dothan Awnings Company Owner Pat Thomas said.

Thomas owns Dothan Awnings Company. He says partnering with students before they graduate will not only help the students, but will also benefit the businesses they're learning from.

“The common knowledge you gain from going to work internships, puts them ahead of the game. “ Thomas said.

Ahead of the game, and into a field, they may one day call their career.
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