Dothan City Schools Receive Over 600 New Books

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Dothan City Schools were given a belated Christmas present on Friday.

Barnes & Noble delivered a record 671 books to the Dothan Education Foundation. The books are a result of the store’s annual holiday book drive. During the holiday season, shoppers were encouraged to buy brand new books at Barnes and Noble for the school system.

"There’s going to be more educational opportunities for these students that they otherwise may not have had available in their library. All these books are brand new. They are not tattered and torn and the excitement of having new books in your library and putting those books on the a-r system as well is such a great opportunity that students otherwise may not have had,” explained Tami Culver, President of the Dothan Education Foundation.

This is the fifth year Dothan City Schools are benefiting from this drive.

Last year, the school system received 400 new books.

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