Dothan City School Board Discusses Adding More Technology into the Classroom

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UPDATE: Superintendent Tim Wilder proposed expanding the amount of technology used in schools.

He says it will eliminate the need for a large amount of text books and it will let teachers interact with students better.

Wilder says if the Board approves the new technology initiative, it will start with B.Y.O.D.

"With technology, bring your own device is a step before you do one to one initiative and so the Board and I, we've been talking about this for a while, we're just going to have more conversations about what it would cost if we decided to do it," says Superintendent of Dothan City Schools Tim Wilder.

Bring your own device is the step before the one to one initiative, which would mean one laptop or tablet per student.

Wilder says more technology in classrooms will help students to be more engaged.


A special meeting was called on Monday morning for the Dothan City School Board.

WTVY’s Victoria Rosa attended the meeting, and reports that a main topic of discussion was adding more technology into the classroom.

Although the plan is still in its early planning stages, more technology could be implemented this school year once the board discusses the topic further.

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