Dothan City Schools Annual New Teacher Orientation

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It's back to school in Dothan, but not for the kids just yet.

Monday was Dothan City Schools new teacher orientation.

There are 70 new teachers for Dothan City Schools, ranging from kindergarten up to 12th grade.

There are some big changes this year that many of the teachers have been learning about all summer, like the new iPads for 4th-12th grade.

"I'm excited about it, a little nervous just because I've never done it before but we're on the same level as everybody else. I'm excited to work with everybody and the new technology,” Haley Williams said.

Haley Williams is ready for her first day of school as a teacher at Northview High School.

Not only is she new, but she's excited for this new opportunity.

"I think it’s something I've just always wanted to do, just to impact kids lives and really just make a difference. I had a lot of teachers that really made a difference in my life,” Williams said.

A difference that sometimes is undervalued but vital to our country.

"I would always ask my teachers, If not you than whom? Who’s going to teach, who's going to lead, who's going to prepare our children in the United States of America for tomorrow,” Todd Weeks said.

Personnel services director Todd Weeks says this is always one of his favorite times of the year, because he gets to see new faces and refreshing views.

"Every individual, they each bring a different story and they all bring different experiences to the classroom. I've always felt that is unique in itself,” Weeks said.

Williams hopes as a Dothan City Schools alumnus, she too can bring something unique to the table or desk rather.

"I'm excited to get back and give to something that gave so much to me. You don't see a lot of women in math really, maybe I can encourage some women to if not be a math person, but to follow their dreams and math was always a dream of mine,” Williams said.

School starts on Wednesday, August 13th, for Dothan City Schools.