Dothan City Officials Visit China

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(Dothan)--Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz and City Manager Mike West are working to bring new industry to the city. They made a two-week business venture in hopes to attract Chinese investors.

"We were invited by the U.S./China partnership to visit manufacturing companies in China who are looking to invest in the company into the United States and build manufacturing companies here, so we thought we would go visit them," Schmitz said.

During the trip, Schmitz and West paid a visit to 64 manufacturers, attended 34 meetings and visited seven cities in an eight day time frame. While some might have concerns about doing business with a foreign country, West says the opportunity is being done the right way.

"Number one these are successful and reputable businesses that will bring business opportunities, just like Sony did when they moved to the United States and established the plant in the Dothan area," West said.

Investors from China are expected to visit Dothan in the coming months.

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