Dothan City Middle Magnet School First Plan Released

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DOTHAN, AL--After months of meetings and hearings the Dothan city schools administration has released an early version of what its four middle schools would look like if they were to say goodbye to the magnet program.

"The plan that has been presented by email is just for them to look over," said Dothan City Schools Secondary Schools Director Allyson Morgan.

The first change outlines which students can attend what schools.

"It would be a middle school that has a zoned student population that would go to their zoned school," explained Morgan.

The next involves the opportunity for 5th graders to apply and take tests for advanced classes in 6th grade.

"A criteria for each student to be in honors courses for all their core courses ...Meaning math english science and social studies," added Morgan.

But students don't have to qualify for all courses.

"They can be in an honors course for science and not math or just for english But not the others."

Another change involves new and expanded electives.

"The engineering programs at 2 of our schools now could be expanded, we have some visual arts, performing arts and we have a feature that each middle school could have a set of electives that could be created at that school."

Beverlye Middle school's principal says if the school were to lose the magnet program its mission wouldn't change.

"we're going to do what's best for all kids at this school. This staff is going to work hard regardless whether we're a magnet school or honor school either way this staff is committed to kids and that's the way we will stand," said Todd Weeks.

Morgan says so far she has gotten positive reaction from committee members.

The committee will soon meet and look over the plan together.

Once the committee agrees on a proposal it will be submitted to the school board for action.

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