Dothan City Leaders Ready for Major Economic Development Annoucement

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DOTHAN, AL--News 4 has gathered that it will involve new jobs in the area and it involves one new company.

Last year, the city of Dothan lost a few big companies, which resulted in several job losses.

Pemco, a major plane maintenance company closed in May of last year after filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy.
The company said it was struggling to get contracted work.

Also in March of last year, the Sarah Lee Corporation known locally as Dothan's Colonial Bread Company closed it's doors.
A company spokesman said the aging facility made it difficult to compete in the marketplace.

More than one hundred people were laid off at each company.

Officials say a lot of hard work has gone into what this big announcement.

"We've had several announcements of the wrong kind, companies leaving because of the economy and as elected officials we work everyday to try to create opportunity for our citizens. This will be a big announcement and a big day for our community it will help put some of those people back to work," said Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver.

"It's been going on a long time and it's taken a lot of folks from the state, city and county working together and Friday's going to be a great day for our community," said Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz.

The mayor says they're waiting until Friday to make the announcement because they want the governor to be present.

The mayor will make the announcement Friday morning at 10:30 inside the Civic Center's auditorium.

The public is invited to attend and representatives from the company will be present.

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