Dothan City Commission Swearing-In Ceremony

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One by one, Dothan's Mayor and City Commissioners took an oath of office Monday night. Now officially on board, they are ready to get to work. District 1 Commissioner-Elect Kevin Dorsey said his constituents want change, and he will be hands-on.

“Just being someone that’s accessible. Someone that they can reach, they can call. I extended my hand to them. I extended my phone number, even gave them my home address,” he explained.

District 4 Commissioner-Elect, John Ferguson, is also a new face. One of his top priorities is building more jobs.

Ferguson said, “Always working on infrastructure needs. We have a lot of challenges there, a lot of big investments to continue servicing the citizens of Dothan.”

District 2 Commissioner, Amos Newsome aims to settle Dothan’s solid waste situation, and revive our education.

“We're going to work as much as we can and as diligently as we can with ACOM. We're going to continue to do work downtown and rejuvenate our inner city,” said Newsome.

When asked about the District 2 voter fraud investigation, Newsome said, “I have no comments.”

Their first City Commission Meeting together is Tuesday, October 1st and the city will host a reception afterwards, honoring out-going District 1 Commissioner James Reading and District 4 Commissioner Critt Snellgrove.

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