Dothan Celebrates Veterans

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Dothan celebrates its veterans.

"It's a reminder of what we went through to preserve the freedom and I'm glad to be a part of it and went through it and served with pride and I'm glad I have my health and America is still free," said Roscoe Todd Sr., retired Air Force.

Veteran's Day was celebrated at the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Dothan Monday morning. A celebration that many Vets did not receive when they got home.

"It's something so special when I came home from WWII, I got off a trolley car in Verona, New Jersey, I hiked with my bag over my shoulder to my house I walked in the back door and my mom said 'oh Richie it's so good to have you home," said Dick Schoof, WWII veteran. "But that was the only honor, the only greeting that I ever really had."

Saying thanks or paying for a meal are just a few ways Vets say the Wiregrass has showed their support.

"It's amazing it really is you don't know how many times we have had our dinner paid for, for someone to come up to us and say you are getting your dinner paid for and I mean it's just wonderful I mean I can't believe it," said Evelyn Moore, WWII veteran.

"So when we see them in the restaurants and the airport it's 'thank you for your service' if they are having a cup of coffee we will pay for them," said C.J. Watson, retired Navy. "It's honoring what they have done for us, they are heroes."

This Veteran's Day ceremony is held every year at the VFW post.