Dothan Bank Robbery Suspect Linked to Cases in Florida

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A Tampa couple faces decades behind bars after a string of bank robberies spanning two states.

Cara and Immanuel Williams were arrested last Thursday. Cara Williams is accused of robbing Trinity Bank in Dothan last Monday. Immanuel Williams is a suspect in a Wednesday bank robbery in Gulf Shores.

Federal agents say the pattern of the bank robberies was the same.

28-year old Immanuel Williams is seen at the bank teller windows wearing a hat and delivering a demand note for cash. This went on at two banks in Tampa, a bank in Brandon, Lakeland, Plant City, and in Orlando wearing a 70's style outfit.

"This seemed to be a much larger case. there were, I believe it was 15 bank robberies and it was multi-jurisdictional, so this was a case that the FBI did get involved and that's why these are federal charges that they're facing," said HCSO spokesperson Cristal Bermudez Nunez.

The robbery spree stretched from Tampa Bay to Ft. Myers and even two thefts in Alabama.

Williams is a former postal employee, while his wife and alleged accomplice 28-year old Cara Lee Williams is the suspected getaway car driver.

She's a former chase bank employee and according to the FBI, she took a day off from her bank job to do a bank job in Tampa in December of last year.

"Much larger than just your regular bank robbery where you have one suspect and one bank robbery."

"They're all contained within our jurisdiction. That wasn't the case with these two suspects."

Both suspects face federal robbery charges that could lead to maximum sentences of 20 years behind bars.

Both suspects were tracked by agents using cell phone tower pings of their wireless calls and by the clear video surveillance pictures that matched in multiple bank locations.

Cara Williams has a bond hearing scheduled for Thursday morning in Tampa.

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