Dothan Bail Bondsman Responds to Unlawful Imprisonment Charges

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A Dothan bail bondsman faces two-counts of unlawful imprisonment, after reportedly chaining two of his client's handcuffs to the doors of a Dothan Courtroom on June 4.

According to Rickey Stokes, Gregory Tiller and Jonathan Reese agreed to be chained to the door, that's why he doesn't understand why he was charged with unlawful imprisonment.

On Tuesday afternoon, Tiller and Reese filed a complaint against Stokes with the City of Dothan. The men say they felt that Stokes had violated their rights.

But Stokes said he did everything by the books.

“Bottom line is they committed a crime of bail jumping because they didn't show up and my obligation is I either pay money or surrender them to the court and I tried to but it didn't work so then we had to do what we had to do.”

Stokes says he did what he did in order to protect the men in the long run. Since they missed their original court date, he wanted them to have their day in court sooner rather than later.

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