Dothan Area Botanical Gardens Unveil the Asian Gardens

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Sunday, the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens unveiled its newest addition to the organization: the Asian Gardens. The non-profit started saving for this garden back in 2007. It is named after Evelyn Mullen Isbell. She worked in the Gardens for years. When she passed, an anonymous patron donated a significant amount of money in her honor. As a result, the Asian Gardens were born.

"She was a huge patron of ours. She was still digging in the garden until she was 95 I think,” said Connor Vernon, executive director of the Botanical Gardens.

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens encourages people to become members, if not to support the gardens, then to take advantage of the perks.

“If you travel to Atlanta, you travel to Huntsville, you travel to Birmingham, our membership here will let you in to those [botanical garden] areas,” explained Vernon.

Workers said the Asian Gardens add a bit of flare to the organization.

Vernon stated, “There are a lot of similarities of what will grow in Asia and what will grow over here. There are certain species of plants that will grow real well over here.”

Carol Hara performed an interpretive dance to enhance the Asian theme. She said the beauty of the garden is not lost among spectators.

“My daughter said to me today, Eden said, oh, I’d love to have this in my backyard,” expressed Hara.

"I really think it’s beautiful. I came to visit this garden while it was being constructed and I was really excited to see how it would end out,” explained Serin Baek, a spectator. Baek also played traditional South Korean music on her flute during the unveiling.

If you want to donate to the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens or become a member of the organization, visit their website at

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