UPDATE: Dothan Airport Sees Increase in Travelers

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David O’Brien is an avid traveler.

“I’ve been flying, really all over the U.S., Canada, and a little bit of Mexico,” said O’Brien, a Kentucky resident.

Business brought him to Dothan. Usually, he would drive—until recently.

“I think the fares here, for this market, are very competitive,” he said.

He’s right. Dothan Regional Airport fares haven’t really come down, but fares in relative cities have gone up.

“People will always shop the best bargain and we're giving some pretty good deals out of Dothan right now,” explained Art Morris, Dothan Regional Airport Director.

Dothan's Airport Authority saw a 25% customer increase this August, compared to last August. Delta Airlines price their flights, and they change fares at least 60,000 times each month.

“Right now, Delta is looking very favorably upon our market, and we are just tickled to death with that,” said Morris.

Morris said the jump does not necessarily reflect our economy. However, here, it doesn't hurt being last.

“We may not experience all the benefits of the upswing of an economy, but by the same token, we don't feel all of the detrimental affects when the economy is not doing so well,” he said.

For O’Brien, it's enough to make him a frequent flyer.

He said, “I'll be coming now on a regular basis.”

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