Dothan Airport Leaders in Negotiations for Pemco Property

Pemco Aviation Group

Dothan, AL - Pemco has officially left the building.

"It's much easier to show the facility to potential prospects now. It's also much easier to see the potential of the facility," said Art Morris, Dothan Regional Airport director.

Officials have been searching for a new occupant since last spring, but that search may soon be over.

"It's difficult to tell you how close we are because we are negotiating with three different parties. We are talking about splitting the faculty so we can accommodate two of those three different parties," said Morris.

One of the interested parties may want access to the general aviation area. That could mean improvements to the sixty year old property.

The area really does need a facelift. It's not suitable for today's aircraft. Leaders say if they can repave it, it will be a win for everyone.

"The public aviators, if you are flying a Cesna 142 privately, you have access to that area now. That opens it up to federal AIP dollars. We can go in there with that and improve that ramp," said Morris.

Not only would a deal improve the airport, but it would improve the unemployment issue in the Wiregrass.

"We need jobs and some of the company's we're looking at, it's as many as 500 jobs. If we can do that it would be incredible. We will work hard, and hopefully we will make it happen," said Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz.

That would double the 250 jobs lost when Pemco left.

Mayor Schmitz says they should know something concrete in about two weeks. He did say the companies showing interest would hire former Pemco employees.

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