Dothan Airport Sees Minimal Delays

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Millions of Americans are having trouble getting to their thanksgiving destinations because of the weather, but the Dothan regional airport says they're right on time.

According to AAA, the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year. Delays are to be expected by Dothan Airport Director Art Morris says the delays at the airport have been minimal.

“Well it believe it or not has been a fairly normal day. I have spoken with the airline and they tell me that the longest delay they have had is 20 minutes and they have actually only had two delays one was one minute and the other was 20 minutes,” explained Morris. “That is not bad, particularly when you consider the east coast with the weather and that has been holding up some of the traffic on the east coast but it hasn’t affected the flights in and out of Dothan thus far.”

One passenger traveling to South Carolina for the holiday said he had no problem getting out of Dothan, Atlanta is the problem.

“I have two choices, I could take the immediate flight which was an hour and a half layover but I declined because I have been so many times practically because of the weather so I got the later flight had I not done that I wouldn’t have had a flight to savannah that was just fortunate,” said Jimmy Carter, a Dothan passenger.

While delays cannot always be controlled, authorities suggest that travelers check to the TSA website,, before heading to the airport. There passengers can brush up on all the rules and regulations which can cut down on the amount of time spent in the security line.

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