Dothan Adds New Businesses

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The Circle City is expanding by adding new businesses. A new McDonald's is being built next to Cheddars on Highway 231.

Also among the projects is the Dothan Village , a 500,000 square foot facility on Highway 84 eastbound, that will bring many shopping and dining options.

City Manager Mike West believes this will be a great addition to the local economy. "I think it’s positive for Dothan that businesses feel confident in the future of this city because that’s what folks are building for. They’re not building for today, they’re building for five and ten, fifteen twenty years from now," West said.

Some people such as Robyn Ruthig believe this is not the direction the city should be going in. "I think the expansion of Dothan is fantastic especially for the economy however I wish the expansion was more into schooling or education, benefits for the kids especially during summertime," Ruthig said.

The groundbreaking for Dothan Village is set for July.

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