Doolittle Raiders Hold Final Reunion

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EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AP) -- Retired Lt. Col. Richard Cole is 97, but that didn't stop him from taking the controls and flying a vintage B-25 bomber at a reunion of the famous World War II Doolittle Raiders.

Cole is one of four surviving crew members from the 1942 raid on Tokyo. Three of the men gathered at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida this week to mark the 71st anniversary of the April 18 raid. The men have said this will be their final public reunion.

Cole was mission commander James Doolittle's co-pilot when the 16 B-25s flew off an aircraft carrier and bombed Japan just four months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Eglin Air Force Based named an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter hangar for 93-year-old surviving raider Edward Saylor on Wednesday.

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