Don't Fall For Scams: Senior Seminar

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An area law enforcement agency is making sure local residents don't get taken advantage of.

As Peggy Shaw shared her story of being apart of what she believes to be a scam, it seems it's something not uncommon among her fellow seniors.

"He told me that if i didn't have it done, that with the pressure with the dirt with all the rain and everything that is was going to bow in and that my house would wind up falling in. most of us have our homes paid for and we may have a little money in savings and so they are out there to get it, " says Shaw, Senior Coordinator at Southside Baptist Church.

"The seniors are the ones targeted, they fall victim because they're more trusting, " says Mason Bynum, Investigator at the Dale County Sheriff's Office.

The Dale County Sheriff's Office had a seminar for seniors Tuesday, in hopes of giving them the tools they need to avoid scammers.

"Just not give out any information, whether that be on the telephone, or email, or internet, just make sure you know who you are talking to, and don't give out any information, any personal information, don't even verify any personal information on the phone or internet or anything like that, " says Bynum.

"I've learned a lot. I've learned that you can't be as nice to people as we were brought up to be. The world has really changed since we were young. You've got to really be aware of whats going on or you will be taken and they will get your money, " says concerned senior Rebecca Scales.

But Peggy says it wasn't all in vain; she learned a valuable lesson and hopes her story can help others.

"I will stop and think and if somebody says I got to have it done right now, I will at least sleep on it".

"You have to really be careful about all the scams and everything that's going on, it was an eye opener for me, " says Scales.

Seniors agreed having a seminar like this one is very helpful.
They say they feel better prepared to handle a scam situation if one should come up.

Officials say if you feel you have been the victim of a scam, to contact your local law enforcement agency.

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