Kinston Dollar General Grand Opening

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A dollar goes a long way, but Kinston residents do not have to.

"We can shop going to school, shop after school, and shop at night,” explained William Mullins, Mayor of Kinston.

That is all thanks to a new Dollar General—the only one in town. Its grand opening on Saturday was no failure.

"Ninety-four people standing outside this morning. Everybody's excited. They say it is their Wal-mart,” said store managers at the Dollar General.

With only two convenient stores in the area, residents used to travel over twenty minutes to get basic needs.

The store managers said, "We've had to drive a good ways away to go to the store and shop.”

Mayor Mullins said Senator Holley helped the transition immensely.

He said, "He's been real instrumental helping us with the dollar store and was supportive in helping us get the street paved on the side of it."

The tax revenue generated by Dollar General will also help the town's economy.

"As a small town our tax base is real small and it will really help us by helping pay for the street light bill and general revenue for the town,” explained Mayor Mullins.

Also, residents will save on gas.

"We have several elderly people in our community who are afraid to drive and others who don’t have transportation so now they're able to walk here and get their basic supplies,” said Lougener Wyrosdisk, a Kinston resident.

Kinston schools will also see a big change now that teachers can quickly pick up any supplies they need. For this small town, a new year means a new beginning.

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