Doga - Doggie Yoga - Catching On

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There's new meaning to the term "downward dog." More and more yoga lovers are sharing their mats with their pooch.

Panting exercises in THIS yoga class are taken to a whole new level.

It's Doga - a yoga class for dog lovers and their best friend.

Instructor Mahny Djahanguiri says the mix of massage, poses and chanting promotes a healthy life and can reduce anxiety for both owners and their dogs.

"They're getting their yoga, their human yoga, while the dog feeds off their calm."

Dogs can either take part in the stretching or act as a weight.

"It's your yoga class with your dog and your dog helps you to find yourself," Djahanguiri said. "The dog benefit is relaxation; doggy nirvana."

Niki Roe drove two hours with "Mindy," to find their nirvana.

The dog behaviorist says the class can help tame problematic pets.

"For your dog to listen to you, you need to be calm, and this is the best way to be calm with your dog," Roe said.

While it may take time for 'Doga dogs' or 'Dogginies' to settle down, it appears many share the human desire for inner peace.

Experts say the relaxed bonding time can have some cardiovascular benefits for the dog, but your pet still needs some regular exercise.

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