Divorce Rates Still High in Alabama

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The reasons for divorce range from financial struggles, to personality differences.

“There are a lot of divorces here, I can tell you that.” Attorney Mark Johnson said.

In fact, Alabama has ranked in the top ten states for divorces for the last 50 years.

“We used to be number seven, now we are number four.” M.A.R.S facilitater Tommy Davis said.

“We handle many each year and I know other attorneys divorce is a large part of their business.” Johnson said.

Johnson believes the reason for the high divorce rate is because you can get a divorce rather quickly.

“I know in Alabama, if you both agree on it, you can do an uncontested divorce here and it can be final within thirty forty days.” Johnson said.

But Davis says if you don’t want to become a part of this statistic, there are different routes you can take.
The Alfred Saliba Center offers classes that cover communication, and conflict resolution.

“It’s an alternative to counseling, it’s not counseling its classes to try and help couples thinking about getting married or couples thinking about co-habitating living together, so we can try to stop the increase of divorce.” Davis said.

He says the classes are designed to be a prevention, not an intervention.
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