Divers to Photograph Lake DeFuniak

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DEFUNIAK SPRINGS - DeFuniak Springs City officials and a Special Forces group from Duke Field are teaming up, and it involves the DeFuniak Springs Lake.

For years Mayor Bob Campbell has wanted to get a diving team to explore the spring fed lake and get underwater pictures.

After some work, Campbell found a local diving instructor, who is a part of the Special Forces unit.

He and his crew have agreed to take the pictures, if they can use the lake for training purposes.

This deal is not costing the city any money.

"One of the things we hope to learn is what kind of flow is coming out of that spring. Then we have had people who said there are 2 or 3 springs down there, I only know there to be one," said Mayor Bob Campbell.

Mayor Campbell says in the middle of the lake it drops to about 75 feet, where there is a cave.

The dive team will also be exploring that area.

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