District Two Election Challenge Heading to Trial

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There is still no decision on whether or not voter fraud took place during the Dothan District Two Commission Election. However, a step forward in the case was made on Monday after Judge Butch Binford ruled that a jury will decide a challenge to the results.

Lamesa Danzey and Amos Newsome will face off following voter fraud allegations at a bench trial on Dec. 12 and 13. Newsome defeated Danzey in the August election by 14 votes.

Danzey challenged those results nearly two weeks later. Joel Williams represents Newsome and claims that Danzey filed too late.
“Doing my arithmetic, it would have been declared on the 13th and within five days would have been on the 18th and that is to say that it has to be declared by that day and a contest cannot be filed later than that day,” said Williams.

Judge Binford disagreed.

William denied to comment after the ruling. However, Danzey’s attorney, James Anderson says he and his client are confident that the outcome will be in their favor.

“In this situation when my client only had five votes that were absentee the odds are if we find something it is going to be a cancellation. This is not just a fishing expedition because we have gotten some pretty good feedback from voters. We have people say they didn’t know they voted absentee so we will just have to see,” said Anderson.

Lawyers for both sides say they believe the case can be settled in one day. However, they asked for two just in case.

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